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Owner / Senior Stylist

Leslie Correa

Hairstylist Leslie Correa has long been recognized for his exceptional cutting & styling skills and lightness of touch.  Leslie established himself in the 90's as a master of altering the texture of all types of hair, straight, curly or wavy.  He takes a modern, yet realistic approach to cutting and styling hair, and has developed a personal touch that allows his creation to accentuate a women's best features.
Leslie is the owner of Capelli D’Oro 5th Ave Salon in New York City. He has many accomplishments thus far in his career.  He has authored an article on Japanese hair straightening called “The Guide to Thermal Reconditioning and Trauma to the Hair Follicle."  He is frequently booked as a guest artist at New York fashion shows. His work has been featured in the NY Times, The Guardian in London, Modern Salon, Salon News, Vibra and Peluquerias.  He has also been a featured stylist for Australia’s next top model and several independent films.
As Creative Director at Keratherapy, Leslie is responsible for bringing the company's vision of amazing, healthy, sexy hair, to consumers, hairstylists and fashionistas around the world. Leslie currently splits his time between his NYC salon and the Keratherapy headquarters in Hallandale Beach, FL
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Coming from a strong customer service background, it’s most important to me to create a unique and memorable experience for my client.  I grew up around the salon and beauty industry and have obtained techniques from my experiences that helped shape my approach to hair styling.  I focus on enhancing my client's natural beauty with a combination of a personal consultation, and a tailored signature haircut and color that would compliment her bone structure and skin and eye tones.  My passion for hair styling, is derived from the reaction to the end result.  The “It looks amazing, how did you do that?” reaction continues to fuel my career.  This industry has brought great opportunities such as doing hair for a TV Show, “Sweet Home Alabama,” various Hair Shows, and Wedding and Party Updo’s and makeup.

Capelli D'Oro 5 Avenue Salon

Eyebrow Threading

Mussarat’s clients come far and wide for eyebrow shaping. Her clients line up to get her expert threading technique because they know that Mussarat will discover the potential in your existing shape and create the ideal brow-shape you were always meant to have.
Under her expert hands, your brows will be restructured to lend the correct definition and strength to your face. Mussarat is also available for facials and waxing at Capelli D’Oro Fifth Avenue Salon.

Capelli D'Oro 5 Avenue Salon